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Breaking news:

And now we are 75 with 6 new Accredited Speakers inducted as of August 26th, 2017

Please welcome: Clare Crowther, Donny Crandell, Joe Grondin, Angela Louie, Robert Cravalho, Freddi Dogterom

(L-R) Clare Crowther, Donny Crandell, Joe Grondin, Angela Louie, Robert Cravalho, Freddi Dogterom

They each gave amazing presentations during the Accredited Speakers program on Saturday in Vancouver, BC and were called on stage, announced, and given their plaques, pins, and AS badges following the judges results.

We welcome them to our AS group and congratulate them on their amazing accomplishment. This is the largest number of Accredited Speakers inducted at one time in our history.

Accredited Speaker, Robert Barnhill passes and we are saddened.

Robert E. Barnhill III

12/29/1956 - 05/04/2018


Robert (Bob) E. Barnhill III, DTM. PIP, Accredited Speaker, 61, of Lubbock, conquered his seven-year battle with ALS on Friday, May 4, 2018, while surrounded by family and friends. He received his BBA degree with honors from Texas Tech University in 1976. In 1980 he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas Tech School of Law, and received his MBA from Texas Tech, also in 1980. He married Jana Barnhill on August 9, 1980, in Denison, TX. Robert was an Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Personal Financial Specialist and Certified Financial Planner, who specialized in Estate, Retirement and Individual Income Tax Planning. He authored several books covering these topics, as well as leadership. He taught continuing education courses to CPAs and Tax Attorneys in every state in the country, as well as for Cornell University, Texas A&M, University of Michigan and University of North Carolina and was an adjunct professor at Texas Tech in the Personal Financial Planning Department for 25 years. Robert was an award-winning speaker, holding Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker designation and was named by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as an Outstanding Discussion Leader. He was the 1996-1997 International President for Toastmasters International, a Past President of the West Texas Chapter of the Financial Planning Association and served on the Board of Directors for the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Lubbock Community Theatre and was a Past Chairman of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Small Business Committee. He was a member of the American Bar Association, AICPA, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, the Society of Financial Service Professionals, National Speakers Association, Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Robert was a lifetime member of the Broadway Church of Christ, which he loved and taught adult Bible classes there. Robert was a loving, devoted husband, loyal friend and avid Texas Tech supporter. He will be remembered for his booming voice and laugh, his never-ending quest for knowledge and endless energy. Mostly, he will be remembered for his incredible faith. He was an inspiration to all who knew him. In the face of incredible adversity, he always had a smile on his face, he never complained and always encouraged others to sing their song. He along with his wife, Jana, was a champion for the Accredited Speakers program. We will truly miss him.

Accredited Speakers in the news

  • The Toastmasters' Chicago convention will feature two Accredited Speakers giving presentations: Eldonna Lewis Fernandez and Johnny Campbell (check out their programs)
  • June 2018 issue of The Speaker (NSA magazine) had a feature article called 'The Toastmasters Journey to becoming a Better Speaker' (pdf) - featured in this article were Accredited Speakers, Darren LaCroix, Rochelle Rice, Sheryl Roush, and Peter Stark
  • AS, Bob Hooey will be one of 19 Region Advisors providing training for all our District Teams from around the world just prior to the convention starting in Chicago. He is the only AS to hold this appointed position with Toastmasters International
  • The January issue of The Toastmaster magazine included an article on the Accredited Speakers program which featured wisdom from some of our AS pros and introduced our 6 newest AS colleagues: Clare Crowther, Donny Crandell, Joe Grondin, Angela Louie, Robert Cravalho, Freddi Dogterom (pictured above). Read it here.(pdf)
  • They also did a profile on Accredited Speaker, Bob Hooey Read it here! (pdf)


3 reasons to hire an ACCREDITED SPEAKER for your next conference, association meeting, corporate training session, or retreat:

  • Proven Track Record & Performance

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • Professionalism and Client Service

"The Accredited Speaker Program recognizes those Toastmasters members who have achieved a level of proficiency that enables them to be paid, professional speakers. Being an Accredited Speaker gives you a competitive edge and sets you apart from other professional speakers. That’s because your talent and ability have been recognized by Toastmasters International®, a world leader in communication and leadership development.

Unlike other professional certifications, you can’t simply complete a list of tasks to become a Toastmasters® Accredited Speaker; instead, you must demonstrate your speaking abilities before a live audience. Program candidates progress through two levels of evaluation and are judged by a panel of professional speakers. It is a rigorous, yet worthwhile process. Since the program’s inception in 1981, less than 20 percent of all applicants have become members of this exclusive group." Excerpt from the official Toastmasters rules, 2013.

On behalf of my fellow Accredited Speaker colleagues, I invite you to check out this amazing program. Perhaps hire some of those who have earned this prestigious professional level Accredited Speakers designation; your audiences will be glad you did!

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Accredited Speaker (#48)

What is the Accredited Speaker Designation?

Toastmasters International® initiated this special program in 1981 to recognize those Toastmasters' members who have attained a professional level of excellence in public speaking skills. In April of 2013 Toastmasters unveiled their newly revamped Professional Level Accredited Speaker program. Follow this link for more information on this exciting Toastmasters International program and this professional level designation.

This site was created to connect and serve 3 basic audiences:

Hire an Accredited Speaker

Organizations who are looking for a paid professional speaker, trainer, Emcee or other professional presenter for a conference, training session, special event or retreat.

Accredited Speakers listed here are open to take on paid engagements. Many of us are Professional Members of the National Speakers Association or the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and spend a better part of our time in this paid professional speaking role.

District Events Speakers

Toastmasters International® District Teams looking for a presenter for a District special event, training session, or convention.

Accredited Speakers listed here will visit Districts to present with expenses covered by the District (travel, accommodation, conference registration and meals). Many of us are already doing this.

This is our give back to Toastmasters International®.

Accredited Speaker Mentors

Toastmasters® who are contemplating the Accredited Speaker Program.

Accredited Speakers listed here have agreed to offer advice, guidance and in some cases provide complimentary Mentorship to aspiring Toastmasters who are working through the Accredited Speakers program or are looking for advice on how to approach it or how the process works.

We will share freely from our experiences.

Follow this link for additional Meeting Planner Resources

Follow these links for the appropriate information and/or contacts with our Accredited Speakers:

  1. Accredited Speakers who have been awarded this prestigious professional level designation. Toastmasters International® Hall of Fame members.

  2. Accredited Speakers who are available for complimentary mentoring of Toastmasters wanting advice on seeking this designation.

  3. Accredited Speakers who are available to present at District events (expense reimbursements only)

  4. Accredited Speakers who are available for paid engagements for corporate or association clients.

We look forward to connecting with you in our various roles and in the services we offer.

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