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Accredited Speakers available to speak at District Events

Many of our Accredited Speakers are open to speaking at Toastmasters International® Districts' conferences, training sessions, and special events (for expenses). It is one way of giving back -- and paying it forward -- to this amazing organization and the many people who have helped us along the way. These Accredited Speakers have agreed to be listed for this role to speak at one of your events at no charge other than expenses. Expenses include, but are not limited to: Travel, accommodation, event registration and meals. Please discuss these in detail with the Accredited Speaker you wish to invite. In addition, some have books and other products they will bring along for your members to purchase. They will not be 'hard-pitch selling' from the platform, in most cases they will simply mention what they have available, and offer special discounts.

Inviting an outside speaker to present at your District event brings a fresh perspective and can act as a draw for registrations. We are pleased to help you with sponsorship and fundraising ideas to help offset the costs of bringing us to your District. Here is one of our AS's ideas on this subject. We are working on additional ideas and reference materials in this area. The following are those Accredited Speakers who have made themselves available, via this joint promotional site, to speak at Toastmasters International® District confernces, training sessions and special events (for expenses). We'll add more as they confirm their participation.

Accredited Speakers willing to speak at District conferences, training sessions and special events (for expenses)

Dilip Abayasekara, DTM, PIP, AS

Anne Barab, DTM, AS

Raymond Brooks, DTM, PID, AS Wayne Choate, DTM, PDG, AS
Conor Cunneen, DTM, AS Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, DTM, AS Ellie Kay, ACS, ALB, AS Barbara Khozam, DTM, AS
John Kinde, DTM, MBA, AS Dana LaMon, DTM, WCPS, AS

Denise Marek, ATM-Gold, AS

Terry Mayfield, DTM, AS
Tammy Miller, DTM, PID, AS Rochelle Rice, ACS, CSP, AS Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, AS

Karen Twichell, ACS, AS 

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, Accredited Speaker

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, AS

Toll free North America


Travels from Edmonton, Alberta

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, DTM, PDG, AS

Canadian Ideaman, Bob Hooey is an inspirational, confident seminar leader and corporate trainer, teaching real-life, results-based principles personally mined from 29 years of rich experience. Bob's humorous, conversational, and sometimes-provocative keynote style continues to inspire and challenge his Toastmasters audiences. He has taken his ideas around the globe and ten’s of thousands of professionals, as well as Toastmasters, have successfully seen his Ideas At Work in their lives and careers. www.havemouthwilltravel.com He is the prolific author of over 30 plus leadership, business, presentation skills, and career success publications including the best selling In the Company of Leaders (launched at the 2008 Toastmasters International leadership luncheon), Legacy of Leadership, and Speaking for Success. He is a 25 year committed Toastmaster leader and the 2011 Spirit of CAPS recipient, the highest award given in the Canadian speaking industry.

Some of Bob's more requested programs for Toastmasters'® audiences:

  • Energizing your leadership connection: Toastmasters - In the Company of Leaders!
  • Speaking for Success: Adding mastery to your message and power to your presentation!
  • Legacy of Leadership: Strive for significance - lead on purpose!
  • Are you good enough to be a pro? (based on the TI Accredited Speaker program)
  • Now is the time! (writing and product development workshop)

Contact information - Schedule Bob to speak for your next District event

Cell: 780-707-0189

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Sheryl Roush, AS


Travels from San Diego, California

Click here to view a special video endorsement from District 9

Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, AS
"Bringing Out Your Brilliance!"

Sheryl Roush, Professional Speaker, International Trainer, Author, Business Success, Communication Skills and Speaking Coach, works with organizations that want to sharpen their communication skills to garner attention and achieve more business success.

She works with TI Districts with highly-tailored, high-content and interactive programs, delivered with a motivational style and tone, with deliverables and immediate takeaways.

Sheryl is an active Toastmasters International® leader who has helped many Toastmasters around the globe bring out their brilliance. She is a proflic author including the new Heart of a Toastmaster released on August 21st, 2013 at the TI convention.

Sheryl Roush, Accredited Speaker is available for speaking at District conferences, training sessions and special events; offering energizing keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, seminars and retreats that rekindle the spirit, raise the bar and create excitement!

Schedule Sheryl to speak at your next District event!

Contact information


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Dilip Abayasekara, Accredited Speaker

Dilip Abayasekara, AS


Cell: 717-648-1080


Travels from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Dilip Abayasekara, DTM, PIP, AS

Dilip Abayasekara, Ph.D., AS has trained and inspired thousands of people in many different industries in almost every State in the USA and in nine other countries since he launched his training, speech coaching and professional speaking business in 1994. The focus of his company, Dr. Dilip, LLC, is to enable individuals and organizations unleash their communication and performance potential.

One of his favorite quotes is: “If you want to change the world, don’t wait for the world to change; just look at the old world with new eyes.”

Dilip was twice a finalist at Toastmasters International’s® World Championship of Public Speaking, placing second in 1992. He is among a small number of Toastmasters who have received accreditation by Toastmasters International® for professional level speaking skills and outstanding contributions in public speaking. In 2005-2006 he served as International President of Toastmasters, with the theme, Find Your Voice, Serve Your World.

Contact information:

Cell: 717-648-1080

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John Kinde, Accredited Speaker

John Kinde, AS



Travels from Las Vegas, Nevada

John Kinde, DTM, MBA, AS

John Kinde has been an active member of Toastmasters for 40 plus years. In addition to being the winner of four District Humorous Speech Contests, he has taught comedy improv workshops and directed improv shows for 15 years. His humor skills articles have been featured in The Toastmaster Magazine® over a dozen times.

John has been a member of National Speakers Association since 1984. He was the 36th Accredited Speaker in the history of Toastmasters International®

Topics available:

  • They Laughed Until I Stood Up to Give My Humorous Speech—The art of using humor from the platform.
  • What You See Isn’t What You Get—How first impressions are often wrong.
  • The Primary Gift of Toastmasters—And it isn’t speaking and leadership.

Contact information



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Rochelle Rice, Accredited Speaker

Rochelle Rice, AS

877-943-7749 Toll free

Travels from New York, New York

Rochelle Rice, ATM-Silver, AS
Empowering Women Through Movement

Rochelle Rice, MA, is a nationally recognized speaker, author and educator. She is President of In Fitness & In Health and creator of Plus-Size Exercise Technique. A member of Bryant Park Toastmasters (NYC since 2001), she achieved her Accredited Speaker designation (2010). Rochelle is a past president of the National Speakers Association NYC Chapter and currently serves as Vice Chair of the Chapter Leadership Committee. In her speeches and presentations for Toastmasters, she is masterful at teaching people how to use their body to create impact and authenticity.

One of the key lifestyle components missing today is movement in daily life. In all of her speeches, she address the physical needs of the audience through music, breathwork and activity specific to their needs. Moving people at a conference or training can ignite the experience and integrate the material presented into their daily lives. Your attendees will leave refreshed and invigorated.

Some of Rochelle's programs

  • POW! Using Your Speaking to Elevate Your Business
  • Your Body Is Talking To You. Are You Listening
  • Heart-Centered Speaking: Putting YOU in Your Words
  • Put Your Tiara in Your Topic
  • You Rock! Embrace Your Awesomeness
  • From Toastmasters to Professional Speaking: 3 Steps to Make The Jump

Contact information

877-943-7749 Toll free

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Terry Mayfield, Accredited Speaker

Terry Mayfield, AS


Travels from Los Angeles, California

Terry Mayfield, ASG, ALS, AS

Terry Mayfield has been speaking professionally since 1994 on the topics of Leadership, Sales, and Personal Success. He has spoken at 3 International Conferences and several Districts. His “Habits of Successful Leaders” is a highly interactive program with action steps to make sure each attendee takes something away that will help them as a leader and help them toward personal success. Terry has presented more than 1,200 keynotes and seminars outside of Toastmasters. He is the author of two books, and several audio programs.

Terry has mentored others to become Accredited Speakers and enjoys sharing how to make the transition from Toastmaster to Professional Speaker. He developed a system to get speeches outside of Toastmasters on a regular basis, many which led to paid speaking engagements, which he shares with other aspiring speakers.

He was a member of the National Speakers Association for over 18 years and received their Golden Mic designation. He is also a current business leader so his ideas are not just theory – he uses them daily.

Contact information


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Karen Twichell, AS


Travels from Newport Beach, CA

Karen Twichell, ACS, AS

Karen Twichell has been an active member of Toastmasters for thirteen years and became an Accredited Speaker in 2010.

A motivational and educational speaker, Karen has proven to be a source of hope, inspiration and guidance to thousands of family caregivers, social workers, hospice workers and health services organizations. Like her books, her presentations provide sensitive, yet practical guidance for people facing the challenge of caring for an ill or elderly loved one.

Toastmaster audiences like Karen’s presentations:

  • Preparing for TI’s Accredited Speaker Program
  • Stage Fright – Why Now?
  • So, you want to be an author?

Contact information


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Wayne Choate, Accredited Speaker

Wayne Choate, AS


Travels from Thousand Oaks, California

Wayne Choate, DTM, PDG, AS

Wayne served at all levels of leadership before serving as District 33 Governor. In 1995 he earned and received his Accredited Speaker designation for his professional speaking excellence.

Since 1995 Wayne Choate has been a full time professional speaker, and is frequently described as one of this country's most knowledgeable authorities on the subject of motivation and personal development. Many believe him to be one of the best motivational speakers in our nation today: a speaker that possesses a unique way of challenging his audience to elevate their awareness, focus on positive doing, and move to action!

Wayne’s speeches are truly a “breath of fresh-air” with his high-energy delivery; high take-away message content, and real-life experience stories that keep the audience riveted. Wayne's dynamic style of communicating has audiences rolling in laughter, applauding with appreciation and leaving with new information to change lives for the better. He truly touches peoples’ lives.

Contact information


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Denise Marek, AS


Travels from Whitby, Ontario

Denise Marek, ATM-Gold, AS

Denise Marek is internationally known as The Worry Management Expert. In addition to being regularly called upon as the expert in her field by national and international magazines such as; Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul, United Kingdom’s Red, Australia’s CLEO and Insight, and Canada’s Chatelaine and Canadian Family, Denise is the author of CALM (Hay House, 2006) and co-author of The Keys (Hay House, 2009). As testament to their overwhelming success, her books have been published in several languages including Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Bulgarian, and Korean.

Through her proprietary CALM™ methodology, lectures, consulting, videos, articles, and books, she has helped individuals and corporations around the globe to free themselves from worry and cultivate inner peace. Denise’s client list includes companies such as; American Express, Toyota, CEO Global, RBC Royal Bank, Deloitte and Touche, Dundee, Manulife Financial, TD Canada Trust, Clarica, and AIG. Denise is hired to speak at corporate events and provide on-site training and consulting resulting in more effective and efficient work environments, less stress, and greater strategic planning success.

Contact information


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Conor Cunneen, AS


Travels from Chicago, Illinois

Conor Cunneen, DTM, AS

Conor Cunneen is an Irishman happily exiled in Naperville IL where he says the natives are friendly, the Guinness is good and he has been force fed more corned beef than he ever had in Ireland!

The Irish may be famous for the gift of gab, but Conor is a Toastmaster who fully understands that platform excellence does not come without a lot of hard work and effort. A winner of District 30 (Chicago) Humorous Speech International Speech competitions, his programs are packed with relevant, funny and implementable ideas and suggestions to help Toastmasters of all levels grow and develop.

A multiple author, Conor's impish wisdom has seen him speak to clients from Harley-Davidson to Helsinki, from Memphis to Madrid. This author of Why Ireland Never Invaded America (yes, that is a business book!) is a Fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. He is happily married to Pat, a long suffering Toastmaster widow, and is proud dad to John and Amy.


  • The Gift of GAB for Toastmasters: Goals, Attitude, Behavior
  • What Mark Twain Learned Me 'bout Public Speakin'!
  • Adden Humur two you're Presentashun (Program is much better than the spelling. Honust!)

Contact information


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Raymond Brooks, AS


Travels from Anaheim Hills, CA

Raymond Brooks, DTM, MBA, PID, AS

Raymond Brooks is a long-time Toastmasters International® leader having served as both District Governor and International Director. He is an Accredited Speaker pioneer, earning his in 1983. TI has honored him with a Presidential Citation and a Lifetime Achievement award.

He is a professional speaker who has made presentations to over 700 business and professional organizations. In addition he has been a presenter 4 times at the Toastmasters International® conventions, 10 times at various Regional Conferences, and 23 times at District conferences.

In addition to his speaking, he is President, R.E.B. Enterprises, Inc., specializing in servicing life and health insurance for individuals and small businesses. Does accounting and bookeeping services as well as tax preparation services.

His topics include:

  • Stress – the purple heart of an eventful life
  • The rise and fall of leadership
  • Learning the art of service leadership
  • The rise and fall of leadership
  • The leadership mystique
  • The pitfalls of public speaking
  • From Toastmaster to professional speaker
  • Learning the art of effective listening
  • Retiring without having your money outlive you

Contact information


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Tammy Miller, AS


Travels from State College, Pennsylvania

Tammy A. Miller, DTM, PID, AS

Tammy has inspired and trained thousands of people from all walks of life and locations.

Tammy will engage your audience to help make an immediate difference with her unique blend of message, motivation, and mirth. Her topics relate to Humor and Healing, Presentation Skills, Leadership, Business and Dining Etiquette and Motivation.

From her highly applauded and original OREO Speech Cookie© to help you organize your thoughts, to her unique structure set-up in presentations, Tammy can help you develop and deliver a more effective message in a group or one on one.

Her passion for coaching has helped leaders in education, business, politics, past World Champions, and people from all walks of life, including clients who are even heading for the moon – yes, the real moon!

Tammy is a Past International Director and an active Toastmaster for almost 20 years.

Tammy’s Most Requested Toastmasters Presentations:

  • Speech Cookie to the Rescue and Beyond
  • Just Jump – Motivation at 12,000 Feet
  • Dining & Business Etiquette – the Perfect Combination
  • Engaging the Whole Body of Leadership

If you are looking for that perfect presentation to deliver a powerful message, inspire change, and have some fun along the way, give Tammy a call!

Contact information


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Anne Barab, AS


Travels from Dallas, Texas

Anne Barab, DTM, AS

Anne’s engaging, entertaining and provocative style inspires audiences around the world. Each content-rich program is customized to create maximum impact with your audience. Can a keynote change your life? Yes!!! “I heard Anne speak six years ago and I’m still using her success tips every day!” Sharon Strong

As a business leader (she was COO of a $1.5 billion mortgage bank), teamwork specialist (she’s a recovering politician), presentation skills coach (she’s guided numerous clients to personal success) and humorous author (four books and a weekly newsletter) her programs are grounded in real-life experiences and counter-intuitive insights. “Anne’s wisdom and encouragement were invaluable in my journey to winning the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking.” Jim Key

Anne has spoken in 44 states and 6 countries. She has spoken four times at the Toastmasters International Convention, including being the first Toastmaster in 25 years to deliver the closing keynote at the 2007 convention.

Some of her most requested programs are:

  • I Had a Life Plan, But the Magnet Fell off the Fridge
  • You Can’t Make Me Change Anything but My Underwear!
  • Rock Your Talk
  • Help! My Leadership Reality Check Bounced
  • Listen with Your Heart

Contact information


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Dana LaMon, AS


Travels from Lancaster, California

Dana LaMon, DTM, WCPS, AS

The mission of the district being the promotion of Toastmasters excellence, Dana offers his services as a keynote and/or workshop presenter for district conferences and leadership training programs.

As a professional speaker, Dana’s mission is to inspire, encourage, and motivate the audience to make each moment of life meaningful. He believes, “Life is too short to waste time in Toastmasters; we must make the best use of the time we have available. When we come together, we must serve to enrich our lives and enhance the lives of those with whom we interact.”

Dana has been a Toastmaster since 1988. He won the 1992 World Championship of Public Speaking and attained the designation of Accredited Speaker in 1993. In 2006 he received the Presidential Citation for "outstanding contributions to Toastmasters International."

Dana’s membership in Toastmasters led him to professional speaking and to writing and publishing four books. His latest book is Making the Moment Meaningful: Creating a Path to Purpose and Fulfillment.

Here are some of Dana’s presentations that districts have enjoyed:

  • E Is for Excellence in Speaking and in Leading
  • Change ADVICE
  • The Driving Force
  • Making the Moment Meaningful in Toastmasters
  • Mastering the Ceremonies
  • Packing POWER in Your Presentations

Contact information


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Barbara Khozam, AS


Travels from Greater San Diego, California

Barbara Khozam, ACS, ALB, AS
Customer Service Speaker - Trainer - Author

Barbara Khozam extends an international line of clients who praise and attest to her exertiseexpertise as a customer service master. All backed by more than 15 years of consulting, training, and speaking about Customer Service throughout many industries. Infused with humor and an easy-to-relate-to approach to solving customer-centric problems, her programs are unique, engaging and effective. They have helped more than 1200 audiences from 8 countries to create an organizational culture of care, inclusion and professional growth. Barbara’s humor speaks honestly in a relaxed and captivating environment to the hard truths of core problems that plague customer service teams and protocols. She connects with her audiences by speaking and relating with them genuinely, not at or over them. And her real-life stories truly bring her concepts to life —memorable lessons that elevate the spirit of customer care in any organization.

Barbara’s mission is to educate, empower and immerse participants with the “spirit of service”—one audience at a time. As Toastmasters know, it’s magical to serve others above and beyond serving ourselves. Such service to others is truly contagious —the addiction at the very heart of every Toastmaster. She is the author of How Organizations Deliver BAD Customer Service (and Strategies that Turn it Around!)—a revealing testament to her wit and love for coaching others. Barbara has been a Toastmaster since 2010. She earned the 2014 Area Governor of the Year award and also attained the designation of Accredited Speaker in 2014 when presenting at the International Toastmasters Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Barbara Khozam, Accredited Speaker, is available for speaking at District conferences, keynotes, training sessions, breakout sessions, workshops, seminars, emcee–really, any engagement that involves a speaking platform and a microphone!

Schedule Barbara to speak at your next District event! Here are some of Barbara’s presentations that districts have enjoyed:

  • How to Treat Guests at your Club
  • Speak your Truth with Toastmasters
  • Zap Negativity and Ignite Yourself, Your Life and Your Results
  • BAD Customer Service and Strategies that Turn it Around
  • Leadership skills that every effective leader must use daily

Contact information



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Ellie Kay


(661) 547-6820
Bethany Grace, Director of Communication

(661) 274-2008

Travels from Palmdale, Ca

Ellie Kay, ACS, ALB, Accredited Speaker
CEO Ellie Kay and Company, LLC

The high energy and enigmatic Ellie Kay is an award winning international speaker and best-selling author of fifteen books including Heroes at Home, Living Rich for Less (Random House) and Lean Body, Fat Wallet (Harper Collins).

Ellie is a gifted arena speaker who has keynoted at over 100 large-scale corporate events with as many as 8,000 in attendance. She has taken the non-profit “Heroes at Home Financial Event” (sponsored by USAA) to all branches of the military in the United States, as well as Europe and Asia. In these presentations, she and her team educate military members regarding financial readiness issues.

As Americas Family Financial Expert” ® and “Americas Military Family Expert,” ™ she is a media veteran and has appeared on over 1800 media interviews, including regular appearances on Fox News, ABC News, CNBC, and CNN. She is also a brand spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies, as well as a frequent corporate speaker, and corporate wellness educator. Her 100+ spokesperson clients include Procter and Gamble, Wal-Mart, USAA, Visa, Sears, Mastercard, Sprint, Progressive, OnStar, TaxAct and American Express.

Ellie Kay, the CEO of Ellie Kay and Company, LLC, holds a bachelor’s degree in the management of Human Resources from CCU and is an AFTB Master Trainer. She is married to Bob, a current test pilot and retired Air Force fighter pilot. She is the mom of seven children, with active duty sons in the Navy (USNA 2011), the Air Force (USAFA 2015), and the Army (USMA 2017).

District Toastmaster Presentations:

  • Just for Giggles: How to Use Humor to Inspire
  • Every Toastmaster is a VP of Public Relations
  • The Hero’s Journey: from AS to AS (Acutely Shy to Accredited Speaker)

Contact Ellie Kay:
Director of Communications, Bethany Grace 661-547-6820
Ellie Kay and Company, LLC Office 661-274-2008

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We'll be adding more Accredited Speakers as they qualify and/or sign up for this Toastmasters International® District resource page.

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