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Accredited Speakers 'complimentary' advisors and mentorship

Many of us, as Accredited Speaker,s had someone, or more than one, who took us under their wing, offered advice and guidance, and in some cases even mentored us as we worked through this challenging professional level program. These Accredited Speakers, listed here, have volunteered to act in that capacity for fellow Toastmasters® who are contemplating this program. We are here to offer advice, answer questions, and in some cases, schedule permitting, offer a complimentary mentorship. This is our give back and/or pay it forward to those who helped us along the way. We have included their names, designations, email, and the Province or State in which they live. Please connect with the one closest to you. Check back as we will be adding more as they volunteer.


Accredited Speakers - Mentors and Advisors

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey, DTM, PDG, AS
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, AS
San Diego, California, USA

Rochelle Rice, ACS, CSP, AS

New York, New York, USA

Dilip Abayasekara, DTM, PIP, AS
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

John Kinde, DTM, MBA, AS
LAs Vegas, Nevada, USA

Ray Brooks, DTM, PID, AS
Anaheim Hills, California, USA

Hal Slater, DTM, M Practitioner NLP, AS hal@halslater.com
San Diego, California, USA

John Noonan, PRP, DTM, PIP, AS
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Terry Mayfield, DTM, AS
Valencia, California, USA

Wayne Choate, DTM, PDG, AS
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Robert Barnhill, DTM, PIP, AS (deceased 2018) We will miss you Bob.

Conor Cunneen, DTM, AS
Naperville, Illinois, USA

Karen Twichell, ACS, AS
Newport Beach, California, USA

Patrick Hardy, ACG, ALB, AS
Lompoc, California, USA

Tammy A. Miller, DTM, PID, AS
State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Ron Chapman, DTM, MSW, AS
Atlanta, GA & Greenville, SC, USA

Dana LaMon, J.D., DTM, WCPS, AS
Lancaster, CA, USA

Kai Rambow, DTM, PID, AS
Tampa, Florida, USA

Anne Barab, DTM, AS

Dallas, Texas, USA

Jana Barnhill, DTM, PIP, AS
Lubbock, Texas, USA

Peter Baron Stark, DTM, AS
San Diego, California, USA

Johnny Campbell, DTM, AS
Orlando, Florida, USA

Barbara Khozam, DTM, AS
Escondido, CA, USA

Ross Mackay, DTM, PID, AS
Aurora,ON, Canada

Ellie Kay, ACS, ALB, AS
Palmdale, California, USA

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, ACS, ALB, AS
Irving, California, USA

Darren LaCroix, ATM, CSP, WCPS, AS
Contact Darren
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Freddi Dogterom, DTM, AS
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Joe Grondin, ATMG, ALB, AS
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


Clare Crowther, ACS, ALB, AS
Hull, United Kingdom

Donny Crandell, ACS, ALB, AS
Reno, Nevada, USA


When emailing, please use the subject line: Mentoring for Toastmasters® Accredited Speaker

Please note: As speakers we may sometimes hire professional coaching services to help us hone our skills. Some of these Toastmasters International® Accredited Speakers offer coaching and consulting as a part of what they do in their business. However, their commitment in being listed 'here' is for complimentary mentoring, advice, and guidance specifically related to the AS Application and program. If YOU decide you would like to engage them in that 'paid' guide role, great. We wanted to ensure you that none of our Accredited Speakers listed here will be pressuring you or trying to sell you their services. If this happens, please let us know immediately. bob@accreditedspeakers.com. We'll keep adding AS as they volunteer.

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Accredited Speaker is a coveted professional level designation awarded by Toastmasters International® (TI). This site was originally created and is operated on behalf of his fellow Accredited Speakers by Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey. Accredited Speakers included on this site have either: 1) Agreed to be listed; and/or; 2) Paid a nominal fee to be included (to offset design and operations costs), as applicable. We would like to thank Toastmasters International® (TI) for their gracious support and direction in the professional development of this Accredited Speakers website.

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